Top moments of 2015



Once again, it’s that time of year to write about my favourite things, namely my favourite shows of 2015. So without any further ado…

Favourite shows of 2015 (in chronological order):

Backwards (created by Emily Taylor, MICF)

Lawrence Leung: The Escapist (created by Lawrence Leung, MICF)

Timeshare (written by Lally Katz, Malthouse Theatre)

The Dust and Us (presented by Human Animal Exchange, La Mama Courthouse)

Shit (presented by Dee & Cornelius, MTC Neon)

We Get It (presented by Elbow Room, MTC Neon)

Richard III (performed by Emily Carding, Edinburgh Fringe)

Suburbia (presented by Gold Santino, Melbourne Fringe)

Gin Sister (presented by Man With A Plan, Poppy Seed Festival)

The One (presented by Fire Curtin Co., Poppy Seed Festival)

Special mentions: Wander Women (created by Chelsea Hughes, Lauren Bok & Megan McKay, MICF), I Call My Brothers (directed by Nadja Kostich, MTC), The Platform @ La Mama Collaboration (presented by Platform Youth Theatre, La Mama Theatre), Wasted (written & directed by Kat Woods, Edinburgh Fringe), Welcome To Nowhere (written by Angus Cerini, Zoey Dawson, Daniel Keene, Fleur Kilpatrick & Morgan Rose, Melbourne Fringe) and Someone Like Thomas Banks (presented by Platform Youth Theatre & Straightjacket Productions, fortyfivedownstairs)

Other highlights of 2015

Best films: Inside Out and Stories I Want To Tell You In Person. And seeing many amazing films as part of the Girls on Film Festival, including Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, The Loved Ones, Whip It, Thelma and Louise and Desperately Seeking Susan.

Best tv shows: Parks and Recreation (oh how I miss it!) and iZombie

Top moments of 2014



Yes, it’s that time of year to write about my favourite things, namely my favourite shows of 2014. So without any further ado…

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The shows that made their mark…


Photo by Jeff Busby

Some people are talking about books, I’m going to talk about the plays that changed me, affected me & wowed me. But not in chronological order because my memory is not that good…

Saving Henry by Angus Cerini at La Mama – this show blew my mind. Raw, intense & powerful. While I have seen further, more professional productions of this, nothing compares to seeing it in the small space of La Mama.

Thyestes by Hayloft Project at Malthouse/Carriageworks – Words cannot express how much I love this show. I flew to Sydney just so I could see it again!

Rubeville by Black Lung at Lupa Arts – I have Black Lung to thank for my introduction to other companies like Hayloft. I saw this show 3 times. It was dirty, messy & the epitome of Fringe.

Mercury Fur by Little Death at Theatre Works – powerful. So powerful.

The Economist by MKA at Abbotsford/North Melbourne – Tobias Alexander Edward Manderson-Galvin wrote an amazing play. I saw it twice. I would like to see it again.

Slut by Patricia Cornelius at 45 Downstairs – I’m cheating with this a bit as I was in this production. But who cares as Patricia Cornelius created a powerfully devastating show that really made me think.

They Saw a Thylacine by Sarah Hamilton & Justine Campbell at North Melbourne Town Hall – this is one of the first shows I ever reviewed. I gave it 5 stars. And I can’t wait to see it on the Malthouse stage next year!

When I Grow Up by Juliette Burton at Trades Hall – funny, heartbreaking & real. Her honesty put a smile on my face.

The Sovereign Wife by Sisters Grimm at Southbank Theatre – this show was epic. That is all.

East is East & West is Footscray at La Mama. This was the first show that I saw that wasn’t MTC, Malthouse or Bell Shakespeare. While hesitant at first, this show kicked of my love for both La Mama & independent theatre. And it’s what encouraged me to pursue my love of theatre.

Over & out!

Platform@La Mama


I joined Platform Youth Theatre (PYT) at the age of 17. Shy and unpopular, Platform opened me up to a new world which has improved my life for the better. From 2001-2011, I performed, I operated lights/sound, I stage managed, I coordinated marketing/publicity and I was an inaugural board member (a position which lasted 8 years). In that time, I have worked alongside some of Melbourne’s best artists, writers and theatre workers, including Patricia Cornelius, Christos Tsiolkas, Nadja Kostich, Angus Cerini, Emma Valente, Marg Horwell, Richard Vabre, Kelly Ryall, Jethro Woodward, Daniel Schlusser, Tobias Manderson-Galvin and Chris Summers. I have also met amazing fellow performers who have made me laugh, who have taught me about life and who have enriched my life. Without these experiences, I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today.

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