Photo by Jeff Busby
Timeshare is a touching and bittersweet story about love, family and turtles.

Set on a resort where the international date line cuts through the middle, we meet the manager Carl (Bert LaBonté) who spruiks off timeshares by promoting the fact that guests can go back in time to yesterday and enjoy their holiday longer. Meanwhile Sandy (Marg Downey) has arrived at the island with her daughter Kristy (Brigid Gallacher) and allows Carl to tempt her with the thought of the timeshare, while Kristy books herself into every activity with the hope of getting the attention of Juan Fernando (Fayssal Bazzi), a member of the entertainment staff. However, once Sandy goes back into yesterday, things begin to fall apart.

A highlight is the hilarious musical numbers peppered throughout the show. From Gallacher’s dramatic lament about Tinder, to Carl and Sandy’s sweet duet about finding each other, to Carl’s soulful closing number Fill the Pool, the songs (with music composed by Jethro Woodward) give the show a wonderful energy. The dance numbers choreographed by Bec Reid are utterly hilarious, especially the dancing turtles number, and the nod to Dirty Dancing does not go unnoticed. As the sexually frustrated Kristy, Gallacher is a treat and she brings a delightful sweetness to the awkwardness of the character, while Downey is fascinating to watch – while she may seem to fade into the background sometimes, her constant watchful presence gives Sandy a quiet and regal dignity that is hard to look away from.

The set, designed by Dale Ferguson, is visually spectacular and highlights the idea that these characters are all trapped and isolated in one way or another, while Paul Jackson’s lighting is sublime. Timeshare is a charming and poignant play that showcases the wonderful talent that is Lally Katz.


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