Lawrence Leung: The Escapist


One of the things that makes Lawrence Leung an utter joy to watch is his smile. Throughout the course of The Escapist, the smile never seems to leave his face (except when afflicted with “resting sad face”) and by the end, it is impossible to walk out without a big smile on your own face.

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Adam Hills: Clown Heart


It doesn’t take long into Clown Heart to realise that Adam Hills is a master of charming the audience. Nearly straight away, Hills finds his audience targets for the night and, with a joyful glee, makes them a part of his hilarious show. On this night in question, we got to meet Andrew (a Santa Claus lookalike and a church elder) and Jim (a young man from Frankston with a pregnant girlfriend and a love of Bundy). Hills brings these two together onstage and he honestly could have probably run an entirely successful show just by joking around with these two men.

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