We Get It


Photo by Sarah Walker

Elbow Room’s We Get It, a timely and engaging finish to the 2015 MTC NEON festival, is a show that takes on the rampant sexism in the entertainment industry and rips it to bits.

Set in the world of reality TV, we meet the final five contestants in a show who are named after the women performing the roles (Tamiah Bantum, Amy Ingram, Kasia Kaczmarek, Maurial Spearim and Sonya Suares). Forced to answer insulting questions that are often asked of some of Hollywood’s biggest names (ie. questions about diets, boyfriends and children), the show quickly takes a dark turn and relishes in highlighting how men and women are treated differently within the industry. These women are forced to battle it out in order to take on the great female roles in theatre and, in the process, we are shown the typical stereotypes that women are forced to take on in order to succeed in the business.

As the token “funny bitch”, Ingram is a highlight of the show, while Kaczmarek’s Polish interpretation of Lady Macbeth’s “unsex me now” speech is a powerful and provocative moment. Meanwhile, Emily Tomlins (as the TV show host) plays her part with an intense icy coldness that falls apart as the show goes on. To say anymore would ruin this incredible moment but the show could’ve honestly ended at this point and the audience would’ve been left satisfied.

Marcel Dorney and Rachel Perks have written an incredibly intelligent show that plays with a lot of current issues within both the arts and feminism (as well as having a lot of fun with the idea of the male and female gaze). Blunt, witty and clever, We Get It is a fascinating piece of theatre that highlights the objectification of women in a male-dominated industry.


Originally published by Beat.

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