Wander Women


Wander Women is a clever and fun-filled sketch show about the adventures of travelling the world.

As the audience settle into their seats for the “flight”, our flight attendants (better known as Lauren Bok, Chelsea Hughes and Megan McKay) prepare us for our lift-off. From here, the audience is treated to a variety of sketches about the not-so-pleasant side to travelling, which are interspersed with tales of their own travels. Over the night, the three women discuss travelling as a couple (demonstrated by a day out at “Funpark”) and how hard it is to pack for a trip (with a lecture by the “Travelator” on the importance of rolling, rather than folding, clothes), compete on a game show featuring a jar of chutney (and some of the most groan-worthy puns I have ever heard) and educate us about Delhi Belly with reworked versions of pop songs that will ensure you will never listen to Let It Go the same way again. A particular highlight was a sly and biting sketch highlighting the selfish attitude of Western travellers and their obsession of getting the ‘perfect’ photo for social media, no matter how insensitive their methods of getting that shot may be.

Wander Women is a refreshingly down to earth and self-deprecating show that highlights three very talented women. Bok, Hughes and McKay are all genuinely funny, entertaining and witty performers and hopefully will perform together again soon in the near future.


Originally published by Beat.

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