My favourite tv couples of all time

For ages I have been threatening to bombard you with lists…especially about Buffy, Parks and Recreation and Party Down. Here is the first one…told in GIFs until I can put words together…

And in no particular order…


Ben & Leslie, Parks & Recreation


Casey & Henry, Party Down


Fred & Wesley, Angel


Giles & Jenny, Buffy the Vampire Slayer


April & Andy, Parks & Recreation


Chandler & Monica, Friends


Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl


Dr. Cox & Jordan, Scrubs


Brenda & Dylan, Beverly Hills 90210


Sawyer & Juliet, Lost

Honourable mentions: Jess & Nick (New Girl), Ron & Diane (Parks & Rec), Barney & Robin (How I Met Your Mother), Hanna & Caleb (Pretty Little Liars), Taylor & Ryan (The OC), Chris & Jal (Skins), Rich & Gracie (Skins), Kurt & Blaine (Glee), Santana & Brittany (Glee), Willow & Tara (Buffy), Xander & Anya (Buffy)

One thought on “My favourite tv couples of all time

  1. You got me with Monica and Chandelar Bing.So mismatched but perfect for each other.And the stomach aches they gave me from constant laughter.I love them.

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