Phantom Ride


Opening at ACMI this week, Phantom Ride is a two-screen video work inspired by the history of cinema and the way in which trains have featured as an extension of the camera for the purposes of experimentation with the moving image. Taking as a starting point films such as the Lumiere Brother’s Leaving Jerusalem by Railway (1896), regarded today as the first ever tracking shot, Daniel Crooks’ latest installation creates a continuous, seamless tracking shot that moves the viewer through a fragmented reality, constructed from a collage of Australian railways.

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5 Indigenous Australian Film & TV Actors You Need In Your Life


In the last 15 years, a change has come the Australian film & TV industry. We are finally seeing a stronger representation of Indigenous characters on our screens. While it is far from perfect, and many characters are still stereotyped, the profiles of our amazing Indigenous performers are growing and it is only fair that we take some time to recognise some of these supreme talents. Here are just five of our favourites – to include everyone it would take a book!

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