Stories I Want To Tell You In Person


Originally a stage play that has toured around the world, Lally Katz’s film adaptation of Stories I Want to Tell You in Person is as charming and quirky as Katz herself.

This is a story about Katz and what led to her writing this show. After coming to the realisation that if she has love, she may not be able to write well, Lally makes a deal with her opinionated subconscious (voiced by Katz) that she will choose writing over love. However, after a while, she begins to think that this deal may be more of a curse and wonders why she can’t have both.

From here, we are introduced to the many people Katz has met over the years who have become characters in her show, including Anna, a tough, old funny woman who inspires her hit Neighbourhood Watch, a Canadian Cowboy, the Full Jew who she falls for, and two New York psychics Cookie and Bella who declare she is cursed. Katz’s favourite character, the Apocalypse Bear, also shows up, especially when Lally is doubting herself.

While the stage show just featured Katz and the Apocalypse Bear, the screen version brings these actual characters to life. Robyn Nevin playing Anna is a nice nod to Neighbourhood Watch, while Katz also takes on playing the two psychics who promise to lift her curse for exorbitant amounts of money.

While it is more likely to appeal to theatre lovers, Stories is a heartwarming and offbeat film that highlights Katz’s wonderful ability to tell a story.


Originally published by Beat.

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