Sarah Hamilton and Andi Snelling on the Melbourne Fringe Festival


Sarah Hamilton and Andi Snelling have both been performing in the Melbourne theatre scene for years to rave reviews and awards. In the lead up to their opening of their upcoming shows, Maggie Journal had the chance to sit down with these two talented women and discuss their love of theatre and the awesomeness that is Melbourne Fringe.

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Photo by Rebekah Kamsky

Gold Santino’s production of Suburbia is an intense and exceptional immersive performance experience that takes the audience through the dark streets of North Melbourne and the dark stories that they have to offer. The audience of three sit in the back seat of a car while various performers drive us around, past houses, down dark alleyways, into empty lots and through parks.

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Welcome to Nowhere


An exciting new initiative between Malthouse Theatre and Monash University, Welcome to Nowhere gives us five brand new plays written by some of Australia’s most fascinating playwrights: Angus Cerini, Zoey Dawson, Daniel Keene, Fleur Kilpatrick and Morgan Rose.

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