10 Things You Can’t Do On Stage


10 Things You Can’t Do On Stage is a warm-hearted and delightful hour of comedy and a great way to finish off the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Self-referential meta commentary. Drinking on stage. Technical difficulties. Having your back to the audience. Being too honest. Giving away too much information. Apologising. These are just a few of the things that you are not meant to do on stage. However, our two performers for the night, Coby and Jak, are tired of this nonsense and over the course of the show, intend to break each and every rule. Weaving together theatre, improvised sketches and cabaret, the pair clearly has a blast on stage breaking the ‘rules’ of theatre and intend for the audience to have fun with them.

Performing in the tiny space of the Locker Room at the Portland Hotel allows the pair to really engage with the audience, which adds to the enjoyment of the show. Coby and Jak have performed together many times and their familiarity and experience with each other shows them off to be the most adorable and goofy duo.

Witty and hilariously clumsy (in a good way), 10 Things You Can’t Do On Stage showcases two wonderful female comics and provides a great night of entertainment.


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