A Hard Day’s Night of Beatle’s Parodies


A Hard Day’s Night of Beatle’s Parodies is a fun night of music and daggy dad jokes.

Discovered by Adam Hills on In Gordon St Tonight, Stew Walker has pulled together an hour of Beatles songs for his Melbourne Fringe debut. Well-known ‘celebrities’ (I use that term very loosely) such as Franco Cozzo, Geoffrey Edelstein, Shane Warne, Frank Walker and Michelle Bridges all receive the Beatles treatment, as does Melbourne weather, hipsters and Myki. With a set list that covers the span of the Beatles discography, Walker keeps the parodies short and snappy and, between songs, chats to the audience about Beatles trivia and general bits and pieces about his life. While his banter with the audience is a tad awkward at times, the audience is always supportive and happily joins in with some air drumming at Walker’s request. Finishing off with a song entitled “Dad Jokes”, written for his late father, it is a genuinely fun night of entertainment.

Armed with a guitar, a microphone and a very Beatles-esque outfit, Walker is a charming performer. While not equipped with the vocal abilities of Paul McCartney and John Lennon, Walker’s enthusiasm shines through, as does his inherently daggy side, which just adds to his charm.


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