Highly Flammable Love


Highly Flammable Love is an amusing love story with a fiery twist and a surprising heart at the centre of the story.

After Dennis (Marcus Doherty) is dumped by his police officer girlfriend (Julia Richardson) the day before his birthday, he chooses to stay in town in the hope he can get her back, despite his hatred of Shepparton. 6 drunken months later and a chance encounter with Zoe (Jacqueline Whiting), an eccentric pyromaniac hipster who is constantly beaten up by her violent brute of a father (Shannon Mitchell), turns Dennis’ world upside down, forcing him to step outside of his comfort zone and discover a new side to himself.

Doherty plays Dennis with an insane amount of energy and physicality that is both charming and sometimes overwhelming. As Zoe, Whiting is the standout in this show and her well-written character allows her to show off a beautiful vulnerability that slowly cracks through Zoe’s tough exterior. When it is revealed that her father has been beating her up for years, the show takes a poignant and thoughtful turn and allows the audience to embrace both Dennis and Zoe as characters who have so much to offer, both to each other and themselves.

Written and directed by Doherty, Highly Flammable Love is a physically entertaining and surprisingly touching and well-thought out show.


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