Lauren Bok on how to survive the Fringe Festival circuit


Every year, artists make their way across the world to present their shows to new audiences. From Melbourne to Adelaide, and New Zealand to Edinburgh, these artists dedicate their time, passion and energy into putting on shows that many often haven’t heard about. For solo artists, this is particularly hard, as they are often running every aspect of the show themselves, including performing, marketing, flyering and so much more.

Maggie Journal had the chance to chat with three Adelaide Fringe artists about their experiences as a solo performer and their tips for surviving the Fringe circuit. Last in the series (but not least, obvs) is Lauren Bok.

Tell us about your show at Adelaide Fringe this year.
If you believe the hype, I’m taking my rave-reviewed, sell-out, highly anticipated debut solo show – Is That a Burrito in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito? – to Adelaide Fringe. LOL Jokes, there’s bean some stuff I’ve wanted to taco about for a while, and I’m ready to get jalapeno face. Not too corny though. Seriously, this is my fifth Adelaide Fringe, and I can’t wait to get there. Mostly because of the chips at the Artist Bar. I dream about them all year.

What are the ups and downs of doing a solo show?
The ups include standing behind a curtain and introducing yourself to the stage, taking all the glory when everything goes right and telling a room full of laughing people all your stories, while the downs include standing behind a curtain and introducing yourself to the stage, taking all the blame when everything goes wrong and that no one wants to know about your stupid little stories

What advice would you give to another artist who is contemplating doing a solo show?
My question would be to ask yourself: Am I capable of keeping the attention of an audience for 50 minutes? What do I have to say that is different or exceptional or worthy of someone paying to listen to me? Should I get an ABN? The correct answers to these (and therefore your qualifications to do a solo show) are: Yes, lots, and probably.

What are your five necessities for surviving a festival season as a solo artist?
Sleep, water, artist pass, phone charger and flyers.

Originally published by Maggie Journal

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