Created as a set of three stories, all linked by the idea of true stories where people play the victim to gain fame, notoriety and more, Louris van de Geer’s Triumph is a dark and fascinating look into a post 9/11 world and those who use tragedy to bring meaning into their lives, no matter how wrong it may be.

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Gin Sister


Photo by Sarah Walker

The third show in Melbourne’s newest festival, the Poppy Seed Festival, Man With A Plan’s Gin Sister highlights the acting talents of three talented women in a poetic and often thought-provoking theatrical response to women’s drinking culture.

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Photo by Rebekah Kamsky

Gold Santino’s production of Suburbia is an intense and exceptional immersive performance experience that takes the audience through the dark streets of North Melbourne and the dark stories that they have to offer. The audience of three sit in the back seat of a car while various performers drive us around, past houses, down dark alleyways, into empty lots and through parks.

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