Photo by Sebastian Bourges

SHIT, show number four of the 2015 MTC NEON season, is a bleak and brilliant play that exposes a side to women that society doesn’t want to know about.

Focusing on the lives of Billy, Sam and Bobby (Nicci Wilks, Peta Brady and Sarah Ward), this show exposes the audience to these incredibly ugly women. They are not nice, they are not polite and they are most definitely outcasts of society. These women have been treated badly and, in turn, treat others badly – and this is what is so fascinating about the show.

As a writer, Patricia Cornelius has always been able to write about the ugliness of the world in a powerful and confronting way. No topic is too taboo for Cornelius and SHIT continues to show off her ability to highlight aspects of society that we do not really want to talk about. The fact that her work has never been shown on a main stage is unthinkable, as her work is incredibly well-written, thoughtful and not afraid to talk about the ugliness in our world. The fact that this show has been pulled together entirely by women also adds to the power of the show. Susie Dee directs these amazing and talented women with a beautiful intensity, while Marg Horwell’s set and Rachel Burke’s lighting beautifully highlight the isolation of these women from society.

This is not a nice play. This is not a happy play. And this is why this play is amazing. It’s thought-provoking, raw and filled with power. This is a story that we may not want to hear about but it is one that we need to hear about.


Originally published by Beat.

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