The Winners


Performed at The Owl and Cat Theatre, David L. Williams’ The Winners is a bleak, yet humorous look into what a couple will do after winning the lottery.

Set over one night in a suburban home, the show introduces us to Kurt (Timmy Knowles) and Cassie (Claire Sara) who have just won millions of dollars. The pair decide to use this money towards hiring an Asian-American escort named Tiffany (Ra Chapman), who fulfils Cassie’s fantasy of being with an exotic woman. However, as the night goes on, the story grows darker and grows into a brutal power play between the three characters and what they really want from their lives.

While the script is polarising and unpleasant, the three performers, under the direction of The Owl and Cat’s company director Gabrielle Savrone, draw the audience in to a place where morals are put to question. Knowles, as Kurt, is a dominating and exciting presence on stage and plays off well against Sara’s brittle yet fragile interpretation of Cassie. However, Chapman is the highlight of the show and brings a humourous and vulnerable presence into a character that society often frowns upon.

A highlight of seeing a show at The Owl and Cat is the fact that the tiny space allows a strong and intense connection between the cast and the audience. This is not a play for the faint-hearted but it is definitely a play that will provoke debate and discussion on a fascinating topic.


Originally comissioned by Beat.

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