Bogan Bombshell – Janeen From Clarinda


Currently showing at the Butterfly Club, Bogan Bombshell is a cheeky and enjoyable show filled with many laughs.

After her husband Johnno, the CEO of Preston McDonalds is thrown in jail for stealing from the McHappy Day Fund, Janeen from Clarinda (Susie McCann) must raise $176 to pay his bail. In order to do this, Janeen, who is a cleaner by day for the rich families in Toorak, must take on extra work to help the love of her life, including becoming Boom Boom Bogan Bombshell, a burlesque performer with a fear of getting her tits out.

Over the hour of the show, McCann proves herself to be a truly entertaining performer. Rewriting numerous songs into her own words, particular highlights include “All That Bam” (an ode to cleaning toilets to the tune of “All That Jazz” ), an epic medley of songs during her stint as a phone sex operator (“I Just Called To Say I Love You” has never sound so creepy) and “Aero” (a gorgeous take on Mariah Carey’s “Hero” dedicated to the Cadbury chocolate range). With a strong and dynamic voice, McCann slides between her regualar singing voice and a delightful bogan twang with ease.

Making sure that we all know that Janeen is more than “a pretty face with pink Ansell gloves”, while attempting to teach us where Clarinda is, McCann is a witty and energetic performer who definitely deserves an audience.

3.5 stars

Bogan Bombshell plays at The Butterfly Club until December 6. More details can be found here.

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