The coolest girls on teen television

When you think of teen television, you often think of the main characters (often beautiful & blonde) – Buffy Summers. Serena van der Woodsen. Veronica Mars. Kelly Taylor. Marissa Cooper. However, in my opinion it is the supporting characters that are the best – the best friends, the frenemies, the nerds, the outcasts & the creatives. Here is my top 10 list (in no particular order) of the coolest teenage girls to grace our tv screens.


Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) – the original and the best. Her story arc over the seven seasons just blew my mind.


Mac (Veronica Mars) – Mac is my all-time fave character from this show. Nerdy with a side of cool, she makes me feel better about myself. P.S. I know Veronica is in this clip but dammit, I just love this clip so much!


Andrea (90210) – Andrea was the girl who made it cool to be smart. The best thing to come out of 90210 (besides Luke Perry’s sideburns!).


Alex (The Secret World of Alex Mack) – ok yes, Alex is the title character. But what teenager couldn’t relate to Alex? And the hats! So many hats!!


Chloe (Smallville) – screw Lana. The early years were all about Chloe. And while I adore Lois, I can’t go by this feisty reporter and her love for her friends.


Blair (Gossip Girl) – while Serena was the ‘star’ of this show, Blair was the heart of it. Without her, I never would’ve kept on watching to the ridiculous end.


Taylor (The OC) – screw Marissa. Screw Summer. Screw Anna. Taylor was the best female on The OC. Yes she had to earn her spot, but in Season 4 I couldn’t help but fall in love with her and her escapades.


Grace (Skins) – I adored Grace. Such a breath of fresh air & a lot smarter & cheekier than she came across


Jen (Dawson’s Creek) – Jen didn’t put up with Dawson’s bullshit. That is all.


Jane (Daria) – Not as snarky or morose as Daria, Jane had a refreshing nature, a great sense of humour and a spunk of a brother!

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