The Shuffle Show


1000 songs in 1 hour…it’s not possible…is it? The Shuffle Show takes this challenge in their stride and gives the audience a hilarious hour of musical comedy.

The premise of the show takes you into an Apple Store where two employees (Elena Gabrielle and Grant Buse) declare their love for Apple products, mock Android users and try very hard not to tell you about the next new exciting Apple product. As part of their job, they wish to inform their customers about the art of making a shuffle playlist. And herein lies the joy of the show.

From a weather playlist about the joys of Melbourne weather to an outstanding diva mix, the duo cover the gamut of decades, styles and genres with an amazing energy that is to be reckoned with. Buse, who also accompanies most of the songs on guitar, has a lovely, folky vibe, while Gabrielle channels her inner diva to the max. The show ends with an all-out spectacular dance medley. Although this reviewer thinks it could’ve used some Cyndi Lauper and some Romy & Michele interpretive dancing, the dance medley really is the highlight of the show and leaves the audience with a huge grin on their face.

This is not a show where you can hide in the dark. The audience is encouraged to sit up at the front and Gabrielle and Buse aren’t afraid to come into the audience for some flirting and dancing. In short, these performers are cheeky, talented and a joy to watch and I would happily go back for seconds.


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