You Took the Stars


Presented by Fire Curtin Co., You Took the Stars is a whimsical and bittersweet love story about the stars, a pink pegasus, ice cream and singing monkeys.

Gathering at the steps of the Fringe Hub, the audience is led into the side lane way by a charming guitar-playing monkey (Matt Furlani). Two strangers stand on their balconies and begin a conversation. This is our introduction to Maisie (Kasia Kaczmarek), Paul (John Shearman) and the start of their relationship. From here, we are taken through a series of vignettes about their relationship and falling in love – both the good and the bad.

Despite being set in a laneway, designer Yvette Turnbull makes the most of this small and narrow space with candlelit tables that evoke a Parisian feel. Director Alice Darling also makes the most of this small space and makes sure the actors are never in one place for too long, therefore allowing everyone in the audience to have their moment close to Maisie and Paul. The performances of Kaczmarek and Shearman are exceptional and the chemistry between the pair was sublime and heartbreaking.

Cat Commander has created a delicately beautiful piece of storytelling about the emotions of love and what they can do to us. While Maisie and Paul’s story does lag towards the end, the play has a beautiful finish and, overall, is an enchanting piece of theatre. I can’t wait to see what Fire Curtin Co. do next.


Originally published by Beat

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