Green Screen


Photo by Pier Carthew

Green Screen by Nicola Gunn/Sans Hotel is a beautiful and slightly sad, yet heartwarming finish to MTC’s second Neon Festival.

After setting up a queue of plastic animals leading to a toilet and joining the queue, Gunn turns her attention to paper-macheing a piñata with old receipts and a hilarious monologue involving book clubs and hummus pizza. While all this happens, three people sit silently in the back corner in a meeting room wallpapered with palm trees. Upon dousing herself in gold paint, moving herself to the top of a pile of air mattresses and posing in a majestic manner, Gunn goes silent and the attention moves to the meeting room, where three becomes four in order to protest the extinction of the human race. The show ends with the powerful image of the tower of mattresses deflating, along with Gunn’s optimism about human existence and her ability to save the world.

Gunn is both funny and sad in her role, completely engaging with the audience. Even when silent on the tower of mattresses, it is hard to look away from her. The other four performers (Nat Cursio, Tom Davies, Jonno Katz and Kerith Manderson-Galvin) all perform with their own names. All incredibly delightful, one wonders how much of the performer is actually in their character. Manderson-Galvin’s charming awkwardness is particularly captivating and a treat to watch.

Designed by Gunn and Gwen Holmberg-Gilchrist, with sound by Duane Martin, Green Screen is funny, touching, hopeful and real.


Originally commissioned by Beat.

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