The Myth Project: Twin


Photo by Sebastian Bourges

The Myth Project: Twin, the fourth instalment of MTC’s Neon season, presented by Arthur, is a darkly funny show that explores the Australian psyche and its connection to myth.

After the success of the wonderful Cut Snake, Arthur continues to make their mark as beautiful storytellers. As children, Ana and Elsie loved to create fantasy worlds. Bought together for their birthdays after years apart, the two find that reality and fantasy are blurring when characters they created start to appear in their lives. Written by Amelia Evans, Duncan Graham and Dan Giovannoni, the show, while confusing at times, is a fascinating mystery that invites the audience to make up their own minds about what is going on in the play.

Like previous Neon show Dangerous Liaisons, the set and costumes by David Fleischer and Owen Phillips are an absolute vision, except this time, they’re a vision of blue and silver, while Emma Valente’s lighting design is fantastic as always. Directing a large cast is never easy, especially when the majority is young, but Paige Rattray pulls the cast together with style. The main cast is completely engaging and works well with the large energetic ensemble from the Launceston College. As Nik and Adi, Marcus McKenzie and Catherine Davies are highlights. The pair has a wonderful energy and bounce off each other with a wickedly sinister joy.

Twin is the first part of Arthur’s examination into the Australian psyche, with the second part, Mesh, showing at Red Stitch later this year. Surreal, clever and fascinating, the audience leaves never quite knowing what is real and what is fantasy.


Originally commissioned by Beat.

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