Dangerous Liaisons


Photo by Sarah Walker.

The opener to MTC’s second Neon Festival, Little Ones Theatre’s production of Dangerous Liaisons has everything you would expect from a Little Ones show, including eyecatching sets and costumes, hilarious musical numbers and a cast who know how to have fun.

Staying faithful to the original text written by Christopher Hampton, Dangerous Liaisons is the story of the Marquis de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont, two aristocrats who have no issue with destroying the reputations of those around them in order to exact revenge on those they think have wronged them.

The set and costumes by company designers Eugyeen Teh and Tessa Leigh Wolfenbuttel Pitt are a vision of pink and gold, while the sound design by Russell Goldsmith and Daniel Nixon is a delight. The mostly gender-blind casting works a treat and the talented cast don’t let the ball drop. Brigid Gallacher shines as Tourvel, while Amanda McGregor embraces the weird as Cecile. Alexandra Aldrich (Merteuil) and Janine Watson (Valmont) play off against each other with a great mix of comedy and intensity, while the lone man of the show, the fantastic Tom Dent (Danceny), had me wanting to see more of him on stage. However, with a run time of over two hours, the play does drop in the second half and the end doesn’t have as much of an impact as it could have.

Delightful, dazzling and decadent, director Stehphen Nicolazzo has another success on his hands and I can’t wait to see what Little Ones do next.


Originally published by Beat.

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