Water Torture


Performing in the Loading Dock at Revolt is always a great excuse to have fun with set design and to do something different. The Millinery’s Water Torture does just that.

Sitting on swivel chairs in the heart of the dock, the audience are all in the suggested pool at the centre of the story. They are forced to look up to see the action happening all around them and must swivel around when the action demands it of them. A tale of two lifeguards and how they cope on one particularly hot day is the focal point of the show. Sometimes, however, they are the more uninteresting aspect of the show and the power of the swivel chair means the audience can tune into another story that, while unspoken, is often more attention-grabbing. The cast was of a varying quality – the standouts were Ciume Lockner and Tarah Carey. A cross between Emily Blunt and Alison Bell, Carey in particular was fascinating to watch whether she was speaking or not, especially with her brief sensual moment with a pool noodle.

Water Torture is a piece that never quite hits the mark. There’s no reason to like any of the characters. However, if further work is put into developing them and their storylines, there could be a promising show yet.


Originally published by Beat.

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