A Chekhov Triptych


Family of Strangers is a company that haven’t produced many shows, but when they do, they are a true pleasure to watch.

Featuring three of Chekhov’s early one-act plays, On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, Swan Song and The Bear, A Chekhov Triptych separates the pieces with delightful musical interludes that help move the show along (performed by Rachel Zbukvic, Lucy Moir and David Bramble). Conor Gallacher, as Nyukhin, comes on stage to give us a lecture about the “harmful effects of tobacco” but instead uses his speech to express the issues he holds with his wife and family. As Nyukhin, Gallacher is delightfully awkward with a great comic timing and his inability to leave his wife is heartbreaking. Meanwhile, Rhys Mcconnochie (Svetlovidov) and William Ewing (Nikita) share a touching scene together where Svetlovidov reminisces about his life and the parts he’s played over the years. The highlight of the show is Stefan Bramble, Devon Lang Wilton and Tim Wotherspoon in The Bear. Delightfully exaggerated, the three actors own the stage and create characters that you can’t help but like, despite how they act.

Elegantly designed and confidently executed, Brigid Gallacher has a keen eye for knowing what works on stage, as is evident in her work with other companies such as Forty Forty Home and Sample Theatre. This show is sure to be a sell-out, so don’t miss out on this charming and funny piece of theatre.


Originally published by Beat.

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